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 QB Copper Recycling Buys Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals

QB Copper & Aluminium is an outlet for metal scrappers & collectors to sell their ferrous and nonferrous metals. We service Welshpool with scrap recycling services through our Bentley yard. We are among Western Australia’s most massive recycling yard, offering professional services that cater the needs of household & commercial property owners and their ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Don’t Get Ripped Off with Fluctuating Metal Prices – QB Copper Recycling Pays Current Prices

With QB Copper Recycling, put your concerns aside of having to deal with a recycling centre that isn’t up to date on the day-to-day fluctuating prices of scrap metals. We provide our customers with helpful staff that assist each of our customers with the processing procedure of their scrap metals. We also accommodate our customers with bins for their size of loads for easy collection & processing.Contact QB Copper for more information on our bin services.

Recycling Nonferrous Metals

Welshpool is a beautiful community, and recycling scrap metals are doing your share in keeping the environment clean and green. Recycling nonferrous metals is a way for you to do your part by making eco-friendly choices of recycling nonferrous metals, as well as to earn those extra dollars that nearly every budget could use. We have over 15 years of experience in scrap metal recycling Perth and love to reminisce, so feel free to contact us to chat, or for helpful information on nonferrous metals.

Recycling Ferrous Metals

At QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, we are professional recyclers, recycling ferrous metals. We accept & purchase low grade to precious ferrous metals, paying current rates for the metals. We are recyclers that go the extra step to ensure that our customers’ needs are met while paying cash for their ferrous metals.

QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling

With us, you have a true metal recycler. We recycle everything from household appliances, to copper writing, to cars, to bins of electronics, and more. Whether low grade or precious, the only thing to expect from QB Recycling is excellent services and current market values on your scrap metals.

We recycle all types of goods. Cleaning out the house or the office? Have scraps from construction? We are the place to get cash for scrap metal Perth. Don’t throw the old appliances out, the copper wiring, or the plumbing or scrap siding. We recycle items with metals. Contact our scrap metal recycling Perth specialists that will be happy to assist you with your scrap metal items.

We recycle:

  • Cash for Stainless Steel Perth
  • Cash for Aluminium Perth
  • Cash for Copper Scrap Perth
  • Cash for Iron Perth

Scraps are our business and one that we offer cash to scrap your metals. We are an eco-friendly service that provides home & business owners with the professional services they require. We offer upfront quotes for scrap metals as well as help our customers with bins.

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional scrap metal recycling Perth yard that pays current metal prices for scrap. We assist our customers with everything they may need for their scrap metals such as upfront quotes, bins, and removal services. We’ll weigh & remove metals, paying cash for the load before we leave with the scrap to our yard in Bentley.

We are professional recyclers that purchase ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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