Life in Parkwood has probably led you to store a lot of scrap metal in your yard that you are patiently waiting to sell to the right buyer who would pay you enough for it. Well, you do not have to wait to negotiate the price of your scrap metal anymore because QB Copper Recycling has got you covered.

QB Copper Recycling Parkwood at a glance

When the amount of useless scrap metal and other scrap metal begins to accumulate and occupy valuable space in your yards and other places, it is probably a good time to sell it out now. With QB Copper Recycling at your side, you do not have to worry about the negotiation of prices, transportation of scrap metal or vehicle or even the safe disposal of any car batteries that are no longer of use to you.

QB Copper and Aluminium Recycling PTY LTD offers to pick up the scrap metal directly from the site and also offers the convenience of bins of varying sizes that you can hire from us to accommodate the scrap metal if it is a lot more than you can handle. To request these bins you can fill out an online form on our website or just give us a call.

We are a company that gives priority to our customers and that has enabled us to provide the best customer service that you could ever have asked for. We give you the most amazing offers for all of your scrap metal and are always in touch with the prices of the scrap metals in the market.

How we serve our Parkwood customers

Not only do we offer a fair price for all of our services, but we also offer the best of our services to all of our customers and make the disposal of their scrap metal loads easy for them. We offer to purchase a wide range of products that can include different types of metals that may include:

  •      Aluminium
  •      Brass
  •      Bronze
  •      Copper
  •      Lead
  •      Steel
  •      Iron
  •      Car Radiators
  •      Batteries
  •      Cables
  •      And other vehicle scraps.

We also recycle Aluminium in QB Copper Perth and there are a wide range of products that contain aluminium elements. Some of the common products of aluminium are:

  •      Cans
  •      Aluminium foils
  •      Baking trays
  •      Pots & Pans
  •      Car bodies
  •      Wheel rims
  •      Window Frames
  •      Tubes & rods
  •      Garden Furniture
  •      Toolboxes, and so on.

We also purchase copper for recycling which can be a little challenging to handle and it has to be cautiously moulded and melted. Copper elements can be found in:

  •      Copper wire
  •      Copper pots and pans
  •      Household items
  •      Pipes and cable
  •      Industrial and commercial elements
  •      copper sheets, and so on

We also purchase used car batteries for recycling which are not supposed to be disposed. We accept all kinds of car batteries that include:

  •      Car batteries
  •      Truck and motorcycle batteries
  •      ATV
  •      Motorhome
  •      Equipment and machinery
  •      Golf cart
  •      Semi-Truck
  •      Solar panel
  •      Snowmobile

We also accept heavy metal. Iron contains elements that are indestructible and it needs to be carefully melted only to create new desired elements.

Iron can be found in:

  •      Cast iron
  •      Steel
  •      Wrought iron
  •      Car bodies
  •      Stainless steel
  •      Rail tracks
  •      Aerosols
  •      Steel beams
  •      Household appliances

QB Copper recycling thus, would be honoured to be of service to you so do not hesitate to give us a call at 08 9458 2993 to receive a cash quote or to make further inquiries.