Based in Perth, QB Copper Recycling is one of the leading ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclers in the region. Extending our services to most suburbs in Perth, we now also serve all customers coming from Thornlie as well.

At QB Copper Recycling, we specialise in mainly processing and recycling unwanted metals. On top of that, we are also offering you very good prices on scrap metals be it of any kind e.g. aluminium, copper, iron or stainless steel.

What We Do at QB Copper Recycling Thornlie

Having a good amount of experience in the industry, we provide recycling services of the highest standards. We try our best to be professionals at work providing services that are cost effective and efficient to our clients. We can recycle almost anything and even pay you for it! With us, you can get cash for your old car batteries, cash for your scrap car, or even cash for scrap metal be it ferrous or non-ferrous. Mainly, what we do can be broken down into a few sentences as mentioned below:

  1.     Processing and recycling metals.
  2.     Offer cash for scrap metal, of many kinds.
  3.     Picking up scrap metal and scrap cars from your place in Thornlie.
  4.     Cash for aluminium and copper scrap.
  5.     Recycling old car batteries.
  6.   Offer best rates for scrap metal in any shape or form

Cash for Non-Ferrous Scrap Items

QB Copper Recycling is one of Perth’s largest recycling yards, and for that reason we can recycle almost anything! Now introducing ourselves and our services to the people of Thornlie, Perth. Our experienced staff is equipped with all the required skills and knowledge to handle all your recycling needs efficiently, so you know you have done the right thing by recycling excess metals. Additionally, our high-end technology helps us make the most out of recycling, which in turn lets us pay you higher than a conventional scrapyard would.

As recyclers, you can imagine that we want to recycle everything! Ferrous metals are just one of the things we recycle. We can also give you cash for scrap aluminium, copper, steel, heavy metals etc. Giving you one of the highest payout on scrap metals, we are the recyclers you have been looking for to get rid of all your excess metal.

Below, we’ve shared a list of non-conventional items that we recycle on top of the common things all recycling yards offer you:

–        Brass

–        Bronze

–        Copper wires

–        Copper pots, pipes and utensils.

–        Old car batteries

–        Aluminium products (cans, sheets, etc.)

–        Steel


Cash for Scrap Cars Thornlie

At QB Copper Recycling, we also offer you cash for scrap cars. So if you’ve got a car lying around that you think won’t be worth anything, you are wrong! There’s always some amount you can get off a scrap car even, given you take it to the right place. We can pick up your vehicle from your place anywhere in Thornlie free of charge! We will make the most of your vehicle by pulling our old parts, recyclable metals and even old car batteries to ensure that we pay you as much as possible. Have an unwanted, scrap or junk car lying around? Call us today!

Cash for Scrap Metal Thornlie

We can pick up any kind of scrap metal from your place. That’s right! Not only just scrap cars, but pickup is available for any kind of scrap metal you have lying around that you want to sell to us.

People of Thornlie, Perth, now have access to one of the largest recyclers in the region, just one phone-call away. You can contact us through our website or give us a call at 0411 318 857.