Is your old car and other scrap metal sitting in your yard at Carlisle occupying valuable space as you look for someone who would be interested in buying all of that at a reasonable rate? Well, here’s some good news for you. QB Copper Recycling is your best scrap metal buyer with the best services.

About Copper Recycling Cash for Scrap Metal perth

We are strong believers in the saving of energy and the benefits of recycling. QB Copper Recycling also specialises in all the correct ways to recycle car batteries and aluminium that ensure that the environment is not exposed to any toxic materials that would cause an increase in the already high levels of pollution.

At QB Copper Recycling, we have an advanced recycling centre that helps conduct the advanced recycling of car batteries.  Our expertise in this industry has helped us provide our customers with top notch customer services for over 15 years now and the best prices for all of their scrap metal and used car batteries which they wish to sell for whatever reason.

We know how hectic it can be to manage all the scrap metal so we offer you our bins that you can hire to accommodate all your scrap metal in when you sell it to us. You can ask for the sizes you wish to have according to the amount you wish to dispose of. All you have to do is fill out a form for us or give us a call.

Our Services at Copper Recycling Cash for Heavy Metal Perth

QB Copper Recycling offers a wide range of services that allow you to get cash for all the scrap metal that you no longer require.

We buy a whole lot of stuff which inclusive:

Used car batteries

You no longer have to worry about disposing of your car batteries properly. Just sell it to us and we handle all the complications for you. QB Copper Recycling recycles lead acid and ironclad batteries in an eco-friendly manner with their advanced recycling equipment.

We buy a various types of batteries that include:

  •      Car batteries
  •      Truck & motorcycle batteries
  •      ATV
  •      Motorhome
  •      Equipment & machinery
  •      Golf cart
  •      Semi-Truck
  •      Solar panel
  •      Snowmobile

Copper Scrap

We are aware of how challenging the process of recycling copper can be since there are elements in copper that are indestructible and ask for special attention. In order to create new copper elements from the scrap, it must be very cautiously moulded and melted for use in the future.

Copper may be found in:

  •      Copper wire
  •      Copper pots and pans
  •      Household items
  •      Pipes and cable
  •      Industrial and commercial elements
  •      copper sheets, and so on

Heavy Metal

Selling us iron scrap that is no longer of use to you not only puts cash in your pocket but is also a way of environmental sustainability. This is so because once all the scrap has been recycled by our experienced and skilful team in eco-friendly manner at our own recycling centre, it then takes lesser resources to produce more iron. The iron produced can be shaped and moulded into various forms to be used for varying purposes.

Iron material may be found in:

  •      Cast iron
  •      Steel
  •      Wrought iron
  •      Car bodies
  •      Stainless steel
  •      Rail tracks
  •      Aerosols
  •      Steel beams
  •      Household appliances,

Heavy metal recycling Perth stabilises the economy as well since the extracting and manufacturing of raw materials happens to be very expensive.

QB Copper Recycling is your best way to get rid of all the unwanted scrap metal you own and get some cash in your pocket. To get a quote or for any further inquiries, give us a call on 08 9458 2993 or on 0411 318 857.