If you wish to sell your collected scrap metal that is making your yard in Karawara look like a trash can then QB Copper and Aluminium Recycling PTY LTD is the right company for you.

About QB Copper and Aluminium Recycling Karawara

QB Copper and Aluminium Recycling PTY LTD is an experienced recycling company that lets you have cash in your pocket for scrap metal that is just wasting space at your place. We buy it all from you with the added convenience of picking up the scrap metal directly from the site. We also offer you bins of varying sizes that you can request from us by filling out an online form or by giving us a call.

Our company also owns our very own recycling centre where our skilled workers carry out all the recycling processes. These processes are conducted by advanced equipment that makes it possible to keep them eco-friendly and not cause any more increase in the rates of the already high levels of pollution in the environment.

The extensive knowledge we have gained in this industry by recycling has made it possible for us to keep all our customers satisfied from our work since many years that we have been serving them. So you do not have to worry anymore about the useless car in your yard that does nothing but occupy all the space.

The services we offer in Karawara

QB Copper and Aluminium Recycling PTY LTD offers the best prices for all of your products. We offer to buy a great many types of materials for you which include:

  •      Aluminium
  •      Brass
  •      Bronze
  •      Copper
  •      Lead
  •      Steel
  •      Iron
  •      Car Radiators
  •      Batteries
  •      Cables
  •      And other vehicle scraps.

Our very own recycling centres with modern technology allows us to recycle scrap copper and aluminium, as well.

Types of aluminium products that are commonly found are:

  •      Cans
  •      Aluminium foils
  •      Baking trays
  •      Pots & Pans
  •      Car bodies
  •      Wheel rims
  •      Window Frames
  •      Tubes & rods
  •      Garden Furniture
  •      Toolboxes, and so on.

And the various kinds of copper elements can be found in:

  •      Copper wire
  •      Copper pots and pans
  •      Household items
  •      Pipes and cable
  •      Industrial and commercial elements
  •      copper sheets

Used up car batteries cannot be disposed of just like that because of the hazardous and corrosive materials that they contain. It is highly dangerous to get rid of a car battery unprofessionally. However, you can sell it to us for an incredible price and we will take care of all the complications of the pollutants in the battery professionally for you. The various kinds of batteries that we accept to purchase from our customers include the following but are not limited to:

  •      Car batteries
  •      Truck and motorcycle batteries
  •      ATV
  •      Motorhome
  •      Equipment and machinery
  •      Golf cart
  •      Semi-Truck
  •      Solar panel
  •      Snowmobile

QB Copper Recycling also offers to pay you incredibly well in cash for heavy metal. Iron handling is extremely challenging and contains elements in it that are indestructible. For the best results, it has to be carefully melted to form the particularly desired element. Iron recycling is very beneficial for the environment because it helps sustain the environment.

When iron is recycled, the iron manufacturing companies have to exhaust fewer resources to produce iron based products. It also means that money and energy resources do not have to be wasted on the extraction and purification of iron. Iron can be found in various materials such as household appliances, rail tracks, steel beams, stainless steel, wrought iron etc.

You can contact QB Copper Recycling if you wish to rid your yard of the scrap metal that is polluting your house. Give us a call on 08 9458 2993 to get a cash quote or for any inquiries that you may have.