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We pay cash for ferrous and nonferrous scrap

  • Cash for scrap metal recycling Perth
  • Cash for scrap metal Perth
  • Cash for old car batteries Perth
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  • Cash for aluminium Perth
  • Cash for copper scrap Perth
  • Cash for old car batteries Perth

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We recycle both ferrous and nonferrous metals, so, if you’ve got scrap metals you want to get rid of, chances are that you can get good cash for those metals with us.

Cash for Scrap Metal Recycling Perth – Get Paid Cash for Your Scrap in Maddington

With ferrous & nonferrous metal recyclers that will come to you, there’s no reason not to recycle. We buy all types of items from old cars to appliances, to lawn furniture and electronics, to soda cans, and plumbing, and more. With QB Copper Recycling, you have all your recycling services met.

Cash for Used Car Batteries Perth – Get Paid Cash for Your Used Car Batteries Maddington

With QB Recycling, we pay cash for used car batteries Perth. Batteries can be quite dangerous when not properly disposed. Don’t risk our beautiful environment. QB Copper will buy your used car batteries Perth, providing an eco—friendly disposal that pays cash.

Cash for Copper Scrap Perth

Copper is used in the construction of many products. It is a soft, malleable and ductile metal and one that pays a fair price for recycling. QB Copper Recycling recycles copper, providing our customers with instant cash for copper scrap Perth. For more information on our Maddington services, please contact us.

Cash for Heavy Metal Perth

Heavy metals must be handled with care. The metals have a metallic chemical element and are toxic or poisonous. Heavy metals include metals like lead. QB Copper Recycling recycles heavy metals. We will come to your location to collect the metals and pay cash before we start off for our yard in Bentley.

Cash for Aluminium Perth

Aluminium is found around the house, in the office, in trash bins, etc. There are so many products like lawn furniture that are constructed with aluminium. QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling offers current prices for aluminium recycling.

Scrap Metal Pick Up Perth – We Collect Your Scrap in Maddington        

With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, you don’t have to leave your home or office to have your scrap recycled. We provide Maddington property owners with free scrap collections. When you are short on time or don’t have the means to transport your scrap to our Bentley yard, pick up the phone and give us a call. We will provide you with our scrap metal pick up Perth services.

Why Choose Us?

With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, you have the finest in recycling services. We have over 15 years of experience and pass that experience onto our customers with quality scrap recycling Perth.


  • We provide a bin service which allows our customers to collect their scrap metals efficiently. With various sizes, you have just the right size for your collection. QB Copper supplies, delivers, and pickups scrap bin Maddington.
  • We will weigh your load at your property, so you don’t have to carry it to our Bentley yard.
  • We provide upfront payments for scrap.

With us, you have a scrap metal recycler Perth that is here to help you.

We provide many reasons to choose QB Copper Recycling as your Cannington recycler. For more information on our services, or to get a quote, please contact us at the number below, or complete our “Enquiry” form at the top right.

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