QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling recycles ferrous and nonferrous metals. Contact us for your scrap needs. We service all areas of Kewdale with cash for scrap metal recycling Perth services.

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An Extraordinary Way to Recycle

With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, you get paid cash for your ferrous and nonferrous metals. We are the eco-friendly choice to get rid of your scrap whether old cars, appliances, house siding, electronics, or plumbing. Our yard is among the largest in Bentley, and our prices are current for metals.

Get Current Metal Prices for Ferrous and Nonferrous Scrap

The day depends on the prices. Metal prices constantly fluctuate, and one thing that QB Recycling guarantees is that we are up to date on the current prices. With us, you have a scrap metal recycling Perth yard with 15 plus years of experience in the field. With our experience and expertise, we are able to provide our customers with exceptional services, such as:

  • Bin service Perth – With the right size bins, you have your scrap handled. We provide bin service, supplying a range of sizes for all types of ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • We’ll weigh your load at your place – Our trucks are equipped with scales, so we can easily weigh your load at your place in Kewdale.
  • We remove scrap metals Kewdale – There’s no need to load up the truck and haul your metals to us. We’ll come to you.
  • Provide upfront cash for scrap metal recycling Perth – We pay you before we recycle the load

Ferrous & Nonferrous Metal Recycling Kewdale

Contributing to the recycling of your scrap metals is helping keep our environment clean. Scrap recycling is eco-friendly to the environment and pays cash. With QB Copper, you have an eco-friendly recycler for your ferrous and nonferrous materials like lawn furniture, old cars, electronics, old batteries, etc. We will provide the bins, collect the scrap, and make you an upfront payment for your scrap metal.

Why Choose QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling Kewdale?

With one of the largest yards in Bentley and more than 15 years of experience, you have a recycler that has what it takes to provide the best services. We are in this business because we love what we do, and love to providing our customers with top-notch recycling services in Perth.

We recycle all types of metals, including, but not limited to:

  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
  • Aluminium

With QB, you receive current metal prices and get peace of mind knowing that you are disposing of scrap metals in an eco-friendly manner. We are professional recyclers that service Kewdale with exceptional recycling services.

As a team of recycling specialists and enthusiasts that provide our customers with professional services:

  • We handle all aspects of recycling, including removing scrap.
  • We quote upfront payments, so you know the price of your load before its recycling.
  • We scrap & recycle old cars, appliances, plumbing, electronics, and more.
  • We deliver bins the right size to accommodate your scrap.

With us, you have a recycler that creates a pleasant recycling experience. Get cash for scrap metal Perth with QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling.

Contact Us for An Upfront Quote for Your Scrap or for More Information on Our Services

QB Copper buys ferrous and nonferrous metals, providing upfront quotes over the phone. To obtain a quote, please contact us at the number below.

Call us at 08 9458 2993 or 0411 318 857