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We stay up to date with the fluctuating metal prices, so our customers always receive the current metal rates when recycling ferrous and non-ferrous items.

Scrap Metal Pick Up Perth – We Service Kensington, Collecting Your Scrap for Recycle

You don’t have to leave your home or office to get a cash payment for your scrap. We service Kensington with scrap metal pick up Perth services. Just contact us to tell us about your ferrous or nonferrous metals, and we’ll schedule a pick up.

Cash for Scrap Metal Recycling Perth – Get Paid Cash to Recycle Your Scrap in Kensington

With QB Copper Recycling, you have a Kensington recycler that will pay you cash for scrap metal recycling Perth. We recycle all types of items, and the more metals in the items, the better the cash payment. We buy old cars, electronics, aluminium and cast-iron lawn furniture, plumbing, home siding, and more.

Cash for Used Car Batteries Perth – Get Paid Cash for Your Used Car Batteries Kensington

With QB Copper Recycling, there’s no better way to dispose of old car batteries. We will collect the batteries and recycle them; or, you can bring the batteries to our Bentley yard. With QB Copper, you get cash for used car batteries Perth.

Cash for Copper Scrap– Get Paid Cash for Your Copper Scrap Kensington

Copper plumbing, wiring, electronics? Whatever the product that was constructed with copper, we will recycle it and pay cash. QB Copper Recycling pays cash for copper scrap Perth. Get the current rates as you deserve. Contact QB Copper for a quote for your copper scrap.

Cash for Heavy Metal Perth – Get Paid Cash for Your Heavy Metal in Kensington

With QB Copper Recycling, you have a recycler for your heavy metals. Heavy metals include metals like lead; and, can be quite dangerous, so please do not dismantle the products. We will collect them at your place in Kensington and make you a cash payment.

Cash for Aluminium Perth – Get Paid Cash for Your Aluminium Kensington

With QB Copper Recycling, you get cash for aluminium scrap. We buy all types of aluminium items, so whether it was for the home, office, or car, we’ll recycle it and pay you cash for its recycling.

With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, you get:

  • Quality services from a company with over 15 years of experience in the recycling industry. We service Kensington property owners with helpful information, assistance, and recycling services.
  • We provide our customers with bins of all sizes, so they have their scrap disposal needs to be met. We supply, deliver, and pick up bins in Kensington.
  • We make upfront cash payments, weighing loads at the locations of our customers in Kensington.
  • Our team of recyclers will assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you have your recycling needs met.

Whether you need information, would like to get a quote for your scrap, or have a recycling story to tell, give us a call. We service Kensington with quality recycling services for ferrous and nonferrous metals. If you would prefer to reach out to us online, please complete our “Enquiry” form.

Call us at 08 9458 2993 or 0411 318 857