1. Are you interested in Steel purlins.
    We have 30 used Purlins:
    18 No.  5300 x 210 x 76
    12 No.   4600 x 210 x 76 (new condition)All have bolt holes in the ends
  2. daweoo lanos 1998
  3. We have some pool fencing that we would like collecting to be recycled
  4. Could you please let me know how much would you pay for large quantities of 99.90% pure scrap copper wire? I could supply you few tons on monthly basis
  5. I have 16 car batteries, some of which were not used for long but were left sitting in unused cars for months and became dead, so they may possibly take a charge… but I’m going to assume they are scrap. They are a combination of Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty batteries.
  6. What would you pay for 2 x 100amp deep cycle batteries?
  7. I was wondering what you are paying for scrap aluminium ( cans )
  8. A 3 year old washing machine with a broken motor. Still works just doesnt spin
  9. Approximately 100 Kgs of Aluminium can, what’s the price per kilo?
  10. would you be interested in collecting galvanized steel balustrade – 4 pieces?
  11. Have some leftover metals from the new building, mostly iron.
    * How much do you charge for a bin?
    * What is the minimum load you will provide a bin?
    * How much do you pay?
    * How long do you leave the bin?
    * What is your opening hours, including public holidays?
  12. Do you collect dry machine?
  13. Price on 1- alu cans and 2- auto batteries
  14. I need a Ute tub from a Holden rodeo 1995 picked up (NOT A FULL CAR) not wanting any money for it just need it removed ASAP
  15. We have some scrap metal from our renovations including a cast iron bath tub, disassembled laundry cabinets, aluminium shower rails, an old lawn mower and etc.
  16. Can you please email me a quote for a 2000 hyundai accent?
  17. Looking at getting rid of a tub off a navara
  18. I have a 03 Mazda 323 astina shades 1.8l manual I was wondering how much you guys would offer for it
  19. I have about 50 kg of 316 ss what’s your kilo rate
  20. We have 8 Pedestal’s that we need to dispose of are you able to take them this week?
    Mild Steel (0.05-0.25% Carbon)
  21. We have a broken down Mazda Bravo, good body in our visitor’s carpark which we need to be removed. can you please tell us how much?
  22. Just wanted to know how much you would pay for 5 car batteries and whether or not I would have to drop them off to you?
  23. Bmw m3 1998 currently sitting outside the property, suspected head gasket fault, how much would you take it off our hands for ?
  24. I need to sale 1 kg of copper, please provide the price for it?
  25. Have an unlicensed 1998 Volvo T4 Sedan. odo 198923kms. Mechanically good runs well just needs new battery,  2 new tyres & 1 rear brake light (replace globe). Was suppose to be a project that I never got around too. now mrs wants it gone. After quote to sell/scrap quicky for cash.
  26. price scrap car panels per ton
  27. I have a couple of car engines/blocks, an ali cyl head, a couple of car batteries & a few other metal bits & pieces that I need to get rid of my car of & was wondering if you were interested in picking it all up.