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We Buy Nonferrous & Ferrous Metals

As our name implies, we are a copper and aluminium metal recycler. We are among the largest recycling yards in Bentley, Western Australia, purchasing and recycling all grades of nonferrous scrap metals. We are professional recyclers, catering to the scrap recycling needs of our customers, whether household or commercial properties.

Maximise the Profits of Your Scrap Metals with QB Copper Recycling

With our no-hassle recycling process, and our friendly staff waiting to assist you, the processing procedure of your scrap copper and aluminium is nothing but pleasant. For added help, we provide the right size bins to accommodate our customers that have large amounts of nonferrous items.

Recycling nonferrous metals is helping to keep our beautiful Carlisle and the environment green as it is an eco-friendly measure that also pays cash. What better way to do something environmentally sound, all while earning some extra cash? Our staff has 15 years of experience in the recycling trade with plenty of interesting information and stories to provide, so feel free to stop by and shoot the breeze.

We Provide Scrap Metal Recycling Carlisle 

With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, there are not many metals that we don’t recycle. Whether your metals are low grade or precious, you can expect the current rates for your metals. When it comes to the recycling needs of our customers, we have them covered. For those that have busy days with little time to spare, we also have them covered when it comes to the removal of the metals. We offer free scrap metal removals Carlisle, paying cash for the scrap metals, on the spot. Don’t think that means that it cuts into the profits of your metals. We offer the best prices!

We Offer Heavy Metal Recycling Carlisle

So many household and office products and items have metals in their construction. Take electronics, for instance. Why throw them away when they can be recycled. QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling is here to help you when you aren’t sure if there is something in an item to recycle. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist. As a rule of thumb, everything from household appliances, to engines, to wiring and plumbing, and engines and cars are recyclable. QB Copper Recycling recycles all types of products and all types of metals:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
  • Copper

Junking metals is our business and one that allows you the convenience of our services. We junk metals in the eco-friendliest way and put the cash for the metal recycling into your hand at the time we remove the metals. Obtain an upfront quote from us.

Why Choose QB Copper Recycling?

QB Copper Recycling is a professional recycling service in Carlisle that caters to your needs. We keep current on metal prices as recycling metals are our business! We help our customers with everything they may need. A bin for large items? We have you covered. An upfront quote? We have you covered. Your metals weighed and removed? We have you covered. Whether a home or business, we are here to provide you with first-rate services, and top cash payments for the recycling of your metals.

Our team is a team of professionals that work for our customers to provide the exact services they require and always be the best in price for scrap metals.

Contact us for a quote at 08 9458 2993 or 0411 318 857