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Cash for Scrap Metal Perth – We Buy Ferrous & Nonferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous & non-ferrous metals are found in the construction of many types of products. Cars are filled with metals, old appliances, lawn furniture, electronics, soda cans, etc. With QB Copper Recycling, Cannington property owners can remodel, clear out their properties, update their office, collect scrap metals, and have a recycler that pays them to recycle their household and commercial ferrous and nonferrous products.

Cash for scrap metal Perth – We’ll come to you to buy & remove your ferrous & nonferrous scrap metal.

Cash for Used Car Batteries Perth

QB Recycling pays cash for used car batteries. In days gone past, batteries were not recycled. Today, the lead of the battery as well as other metals are extracted to recycle. QB pays cash for used car batteries; however, we ask all our customers first to drain the acid from the batteries if possible. We may make exceptions based on the circumstances.

Cash for Used Car Batteries Perth – We’ll come to you to buy & remove your old batteries.

Cash for Copper Scrap Cannington, Perth

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal, and one that is found in many products, such as electronics and plumbing. QB Copper Recycling pays copper scrap owners cash for the recycling of their scrap. Whether hardware or engines or any other type of product that contains copper, we will recycle it, paying cash for the recycle.

Cash for Copper Scrap Perth – We’ll come to you to buy & remove your copper products.

Cash for Heavy Metal Cannington, Perth

Heavy metals are metals with any metallic chemical element that is considered to have a relatively high density as well as being poisonous or toxic at low concentrations. Heavy metals include arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and lead. QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling pays cash for heavy metal recycling Perth. We’ll provide the bin service, collect the scrap, and put an upfront payment into your hand.

Cash for heavy metal recycling Perth – We’ll come to you anywhere in Cannington to buy & remove your heavy metal scrap.

Cash for Aluminium Perth

Aluminium is used for many household and commercial products. Do not pass up the opportunity to get paid cash for your aluminium scrap. Whether old aluminium lawn furniture, soda cans, house siding, electronics, appliances, or even cars, we’ll make you a cash payment for your aluminium scrap. With QB Copper & Aluminium Recycling, you have a recycler that will offer current aluminium prices. Contact us for more information on our aluminium scrap services.

Cash for aluminium recycling Perth – We’ll come to you anywhere in Cannington to buy & remove your aluminium scrap.

Why Choose Us?

We provide many reasons to choose QB Copper Recycling as your Cannington recycler:


  • We provide a range of size of bins, providing delivery and pickup of the right size bin for your scrap needs.
  • Customers that cannot make it to our yard to have their metals weighed for a cash payment can rely on us to come to them to weigh, buy, & remove their scrap metals Cannington.
  • We remove scrap from all Cannington locations.
  • We make upfront payments for scrap loads, so there is no waiting until the metals are recycled.

Get more information on our services or contact us for a quote for your scrap.

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